David Duchovny – Fox Mulder                             Gillian Anderson -Dana Scully

Mitch Pileggi – Walker Skinner

William B. Davis – L’Homme à la Cigarette

Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood et Bruce Harwood – Langly, Byers et Frohike, les Lone Gunmen

Joel McHale – Tad O’Malley

Robbie Amell – Agent Miller

Lauren Ambrose – Agent Einstein


XF01 – My Struggle – Ecrit et réalisé par Chris Carter
Dimanche 24 Janvier

XF02 – Founder’s mutation  Ecrit et réalisé par James Wong
Lundi 25 Janvier

XF03 – Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Man –  Ecrit et réalisé par Darin Morgan
Lundi 1er février


XF04 – Home Again Ecrit et réalisé par Glen Morgan
Lundi 8 février

XF05 – Babylon – Ecrit et réalisé par Chris Carter
Lundi 15 février

XF06 – My Struggle II  Ecrit et réalisé par Chris Carter
Lundi 22 février


Historique : 25 mars 2015, la FOX annonce le retour de la série pour une mini-saison de 6 épisodes.

11 mai : Fox annonce l’arrivée des nouveaux épisodes, le 24 janvier.





* The project name of the revival is « The X-Files: Resolution« .
* The revival will start shooting this summer 2015, perhaps even as early as June.
* It will be a miniseries format with six episodes, all of them pure mytharc, dealing with the alien invasion mentioned in the Season 9 finale.
* The episodes are numbered as 10XR01, 10XR02, 10XR03, et cetera.
* The entire six-episode story from beginning to end has already been created by Chris Carter, and the scripts for the first three episodes (« Settlements », « Rebellion », « Terra Incognita ») are in the process of being completed.
* For the final three untitled episodes, Carter will work with someone, presumably Frank Spotnitz to write the scripts, but the basic storyline has already been laid out by Carter.
* The first twelve pages from the script of the first episode (« Settlements ») have been leaked online, but were removed only within a couple of hours after being posted.
* The scripts may be significantly altered during the coming weeks or months, depending on whether or not some actors will be available for the project.
* Some of the actors who will be in the revival are Alan Dale, Jeff Gulka, Laurie Holden, Dakota House, Morris Panych.
* Actor Jeff Gulka will be present in all six episodes, as well as Alan Dale.

About the first episode, « Settlements » (10XR01):

The story takes place in present time with Mulder and Scully believing that the alien invasion has been either postponed or completely prevented due to unknown factors. They learn from Gibson Praise, now a grown man, that the invasion has only been delayed because a russian version of the syndicate has interfered with the aliens’ plans. Gibson warns them that colonization will occur shortly despite the russian group’s efforts, and that it could start any day. He tells them there is hope, mainly because there are some supersoldiers who are starting to regain their original human memories and who are against colonization, but this number is extremely small, and the aliens are killing them off one by one.
Gibson suggests that an alliance must be made with these rebel supersoldiers, and using their knowledge, as well as the knowledge from this russian syndicate, resistance is possible and colonization can be prevented. He also informs them of certain native americans who are naturally immune against the alien virus, and some of these men and women are already his allies. The whereabouts of Reyes and Doggett aren’t mentioned in the first pages of the script. It is also implied that the X-Files unit doesn’t exist anymore, and there is a problem in reinstating it because someone very high in the Bureau is preventing that from happening.
The episode begins in Russia, with a group of people including politicians, scientists and doctors discussing colonization in detail. They talk about how they already created structures, houses, entire neighborhoods where no human beings reside. These neighborhoods will function as traps for the aliens, because they’re built using a combination of different materials effectively substituting natural magnetite, in order to bring down alien ships during colonization.
The script ends on page twelve with a character whom the script refers to as Henry McMahon, standing in front of a private residence and observing the house.

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