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Photos, vidéo et déclarations pour l’Etoile Walk of Fame de Gillian Andeson

Hier avait lieu la cérémonie de remise de l’Etoile sur la Walk Of Fame de Hollywood pour Gillian Anderson.

En 2016, David Duchovny avait eu lieu l’Etoile. Gilian lui avait fait un petit mot : “He was a nice man. A kind man. Quite smart. He liked avocado and pilates. Actor, writer, friend. He will always be my shining star. May his soul be forgiven and rest in peace.”

Hier, Bryan Fuller, Joel McHale et Chris Carter devaient à leur tour faire un discours. Chris Carter a annulé et David Duchovny n’a pas été présent. Il a tout de même écrit quelques mots.

”Gillian, you said you would be next to me when you died, too. Well, you were right. But this isn’t death, it’s a beginning. So much more to come for you. In the meantime, I hope your fans sprinkle chocolate on your star the occasional Hollywood midnight and some kind soul builds a Gilly ramp from your star to mine. We will always be joined as partners, friends, and neighbors. Congratulations Gillian. Love, David”

Et Gillian a répondu :

“Thank you David Duchovny, wherever you are, for your companionship and friendship through the years. I could not have wished for a more perfect platonic partner to spend 25 years of my life. Who’d have guessed that when we sat side by side in the hallway of Fox during that ghastly audition process, 25 years on we’d not only still be filming but we’d be permanent concrete neighbors on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

En effet, l’Etoile de Gillian est posée à côté de celle de David devant le Fox Theater de Los Angeles.

Revivez la cérémonie dans la vidéo ci-dessous.

Annabeth Gish était également présente.

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